1. Alcoholic beverages

All kinds of Baijiu, foreign wine, beer, ice wine, expensive wine, spirits, fruit wine, rice wine, yellow rice wine, health wine, etc;

2. Red wine category

Wine, sparkling wine, sweet wine, champagne; Whiskey, brandy, vodka; Sake, health wine, and low alcohol beverages; Wine supplies, bottle openers, wine glasses, decanters, ice wine barrels, wine spitting barrels, red wine fresheners, wine cabinets, wine kilns, etc;

3. High end water and beverage dairy products

Various food and beverages, dairy beverages, milk powder, soy milk, carbonated drinks, health drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit tea, instant drinks, space drinks, functional drinks, various high-end drinking water, true selenium water, mineral water, cola, coffee, etc;

4. Tea culture

Black tea, green tea, clear tea, various types of tea, as well as tea sets and gift boxes;

5. Food and imported food categories

Various foods, candies, dairy products, milk, egg products, meat products, seafood, frozen and frozen foods, ice cream product series, snacks, children's and elderly food, leisure food, convenience food, freeze-dried food, baked goods, canned food, bee products, soy products, edible mushrooms, etc;

6. Organic food category

Various organic food, organic fruits and vegetables, imported food, infant food, specialty food, functional food, nutritional supplements, beauty food, organic tea, health care products, Tonic Diet food, organic agricultural and animal husbandry products, organic rice, cereals, flour and products;

7. Green food category

Green and healthy food, green grains and oils; Green aquatic products; Green fruits; Green beverages; Green tea; Green livestock, poultry, eggs, milk and other agricultural and sideline specialty products, dried fruit products, fungal products, marine biological products, trace element products, bee products, plant extracts, etc.

8. Leisure food category

Jelly, puffed foods, biscuits, pastries, bread, mooncakes, vegetarian snacks, convenience foods, canned foods, soy products, preserves, bee products, and leisure fish (meat) products, etc

9. Cereals and oils

Various edible oils, rapeseed oil, peanut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, etc;

10. Prefabricated dishes

Pre made seasoning ingredients, frozen pastries, fast food, pre made dishes, semi-finished products, ready to eat foods, various meat and vegetable seasoning bags, and seasoning ingredients;

11. Hot pot category

Base seasoning, specialty food ingredients, seafood ingredients, slippery products, frozen ingredients, conditioning ingredients, tableware and equipment supplies, leisure (snack) food, alcoholic beverages, supporting services, soft furnishings and furniture, takeout tableware and supplies.

12. Catering ingredients

Non cultural heritage time-honored brands, Liaoning cuisine, famous restaurants, local specialty foods, pre made ingredients, convenient dishes, convenient staple foods, compound seasonings, frozen foods, self heating foods, ready to eat foods, meal substitutes, supporting equipment and services, meat ingredients, seafood, poultry, vegetables, mushrooms, rice and noodle products, fast food, other ingredients, meal seasonings, and other related items;

13. Frozen food category

Frozen processed foods, meat and poultry, seafood, frozen noodles, hotel specialty dishes, organic ingredients/agricultural products;

14. Seasoning categories

Various condiments, compound condiments, bittern, hot pot condiments, soup, Fermented bean curd, pickles, pickles, convenient condiments, new condiments, various pepper products and various additives;

15. Nutritional and healthy food

High end tonic (ginseng, cordyceps sinensis, maca, saffron, deer antler, ass hide glue, rhodiola, medlar, bird's nest, honey, etc.), enzyme products, vitamin products, dietary fiber extracts, amino acid products, etc;

16. Mechanical category

Food machinery, freezing, refrigeration, preservation, packaging equipment, filling, coding, labeling, baking, cooking machinery, catering equipment, printing machinery, cardboard machinery, plastic machinery, etc;

17. Packaging category

Packaging materials such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, color printing, paper boxes, and cardboard boxes; Fruit sparse juicer, etc;

18. Baking category

Baked foods, pastries (mooncakes), bread, cakes, biscuits, decorations, and food OEM (OEM);

Baking raw materials, baking additives, preservatives, baking fillings, cake decorations; Kitchen equipment, kitchen facilities, energy-saving kitchen utensils, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment.

19. Catering chain franchise

Catering management and franchise, catering management and service.