Strong exhibition brand advantages

After more than 20 years of development, the Shenyang and Changchun International Sugar, Wine and Food Trade Fair is one of the top industry brand exhibitions in the domestic food industry.

Exhibition scale reaches a new high

The Shenyang and Changchun International Sugar, Liquor, and Food Trade Fair is presented in a fully booked state, with an exhibition area reaching a new high. The layout of the exhibition hall and the division of exhibition areas will be more detailed and scientific.

Strong location advantage

Due to their advantages in economic size and geographical location, Liaoning and Jilin have a certain leading and radiating role in the Northeast region, with huge market capacity and strong inclusiveness, providing broad market space for large food enterprises. This has created business opportunities for enterprises to expand and cover the markets of the three northeastern provinces, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei at the Shenyang International Sugar, Wine, and Food Fair and Changchun International Sugar, Wine, and Food Fair.

Strong exhibition effectiveness

The Shenyang and Changchun International Sugar, Alcohol and Food Trade Fair is an information release platform for China's alcohol and food industries. In addition to national policy information, industry guidance information, and market situation information, the information of each participating enterprise is also densely released, which is a place for distributors in the alcohol and food industries to collect and analyze information, and judge the development direction of the industry.

Make full efforts in the entire industry chain

As a grand event in the food industry, this exhibition brings together domestic and foreign upstream and downstream enterprises in the food industry, creating a one-stop display and trading platform for the large food industry, and leading the industry's development trend.

Strong media promotion

This exhibition has received over 200 media coverage and publicity, with full channel exposure from pre - to post event, online to offline, continuously expanding the exhibition's influence. Effectively bring an industry super feast with great influence and strong brand to exhibitors and professional audiences.